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Forgot iCloud password and how to recover it

Surely, forgetting iCloud passwords is not uncommon in iPhone users, making data recovery, operating system upgrades … become more difficult. However, with the instructions below, you can retrieve iCloud password for iPhone 7 Plus, 8, 11, X … easily lost.

ICloud account is Apple’s cloud service that helps you easily sync and manage the information, messages, photos, settings … of iOS devices used on both phones and computers. Find lost and stolen devices. It is also the key to being able to lock and unlock your device. So iCloud has always been the target of hacker attacks in many different ways. The management of iCloud account is quite important for those who often have important data, so when users encounter the situation of forgetting iCloud password will be very worried and do not know how to retrieve the account password. iCloud account, many people have registered themselves iCloud, to create a new iCloud account and remove the old iCloud account completely. However, they will not be able to retrieve the old data before, so through the following article, nguyenvanphung will guide you through the detailed steps to retrieve iCloud password with important data. yours.

Forgot iCloud password and how to recover it


Step 1: First, you access the support website to recover iCloud password HERE, then click Forgot ID or Password? to retrieve iCloud account password

Step 2: In the next window, enter your Apple account and click Next

Step 3: Choose the following two forms to retrieve your password (select Email authentication: To access your information, we will send an email to the address (es) on file for you to receive the information. about the password via Email). Then click Next to continue.

Step 4: Notice has sent all information to reset iCloud account password into Email for you

Step 5: Check mail and click on the Reset now link

Step 6: A window appears allowing you to change the new password of the iCloud account. Enter the new password in New Password and Confirm Password fields. Then press Reset Password

Thus, with the implementation that instructions, above you have retrieved the forgotten iCloud password easily offline. In addition, in case you buy a used iPhone, you should check your iCloud account on that device, specifically check iCloud to see if it is hidden.

At the same time, you can easily back up iCloud on your iPhone to protect your important photo and video data, Backup iCloud data and delete data on iCloud also reduce the memory for your iCloud.

Should changing iCloud password regularly helps you protect your account as well as help you not to forget iCloud password after a long time, changing iCloud password brings a lot of benefits for you.

In the process of using iPhone / iPad, forgetting passcode password is not excluded, even more happening than forgetting iCloud password. So if you in that case will have to do how to fix? Don’t worry because with the 3 most effective ways to unlock your iPhone when you forget your password, we hope to help you unlock your device the fastest way to continue using your device.

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