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Flash concept? The use of Flash on computers, laptops?

Learn about the Flash concept? The use of Flash on computers, laptops? You often use Flash Player to listen to music and movies but never really know what Flash is. The following article will help you understand the concept of Flash, the use of Flash on computers, laptops.

For new Windows users, you’ve probably heard of concepts like installing flash player or enabling javascript, adobe flash player on your computer, so what do these terms refer to, what is flash and why does the concept of flash come back? should be as popular as it is today. It is not only a question of many general users who have installed flash players but also those who need to learn more about Adobe Flash Player and activate Javascript in web or graphic design.

In this article, will read the flash concept, introduce what is flash and many other flash tools that users are using every day.


* The concept of Flash, What is Flash?

What is flash is definitely the first question to look for answers before learning more about flash. In essence Flash is an abbreviation of the word Macromedia Flash developed by Macromedia and after Adobe acquired Macromedia, the flash belongs to the US software company. Flash is also used to refer to multimedia creation program (multimedia) called Macromedia Flash Player.

In the early days, Flash used vector graphics and raster graphics. This graphical technique allows you to zoom in and out of images and text without breaking the grain. Later, Flash continued to develop into a “multimedia, multimedia” (multimedia). Flash uses its own scripting language called ActionScript, which allows processing of sound, images and user interaction.

Flash concept? The use of Flash on computers, laptops?

What is flash is not too difficult to understand, right?

In addition, Flash is also known as a development tool for many design applications, simulation software thanks to the ability to process multiple images and audio at the same time. Using the ActionScript language, Adobe Flash can create interesting interactions and animations in a video.

One of the advantages of Flash is the ability to embed audio files, animation easily, even Flash can be used to create EXE, SWF, HTML, JPEG, … file formats. If you don’t know, a flash file usually has the extension .SWF (Shockwave Flash) sometimes can .exe, especially a flash file also contains a lot more data than a GIF image. (merge from many different videos and playback).

* Use of Flash on computers, laptops

As mentioned, flash has the most prominent use is the development of design applications or simulation software. Moreover, many web browsers now support flash as a tool to display content such as ads, videos or GIFs, without Adobe Flash, you will not be able to view the video or even Listen to music on the web.

Flash enables users to watch movies, listen to music through high speed network thanks to the technology of transmitting and transmitting data in multiple streams, optimizing the transmission speed.

What Flash is and why it is so important is its use.

The browsers that currently support Adobe Flash Player are Google Chrome, Firefox, Coc Coc, Internet Explorer and Opera. However, browsers such as Firefox (Firefox Version 53 will stop supporting Adobe Flash) and Chrome is planning to soon remove Adobe Flash Player from the browser in the future and use HTML5 to replace one. number of multimedia applications.

But in the roadmap from now until users will certainly still have to rely on Adobe Flash Player to be able to watch videos, play flash games or many other applications on Google Chrome, Firefox, download Coc Coc, Opera, ….

Despite these advantages, Adobe Flash Player is not without its limitations, especially the risk of hackers exploiting and attacking the browser and stealing information. Most browser vendors recommend that users update their Flash Player regularly to fix the flaw, but updating the flash player is only a temporary solution.

The best way is to stay away from malicious websites, and if unfortunately encounter flash player errors, please implement the measures shared by to quickly fix flash player errors on web browsers or applications. use it.

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