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Admire the Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars at the wedding ceremony of Lam Chi Linh

In the afternoon of November 17, Lam Chi Linh’s wedding took place at the Tainan City Museum of Art. Appearing at the wedding was a billion-dollar luxury car set from famous brands such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley ….

Yesterday, on November 17, the wedding of Lam Chi Linh and Japanese groom Akira in Taiwan took place. The wedding attracted the attention of many people. Appeared at the wedding of super cars, silver cars of the groom and guests.

Admire the Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars at the wedding ceremony of Lam Chi Linh

Most notable is the rare white Rolls-Royce. This car was also used by the groom’s family as the procession of the bride. According to QQ, this car model in the world has only 3 units.
And yet, appearing at the wedding of Lam Chi Linh also has a Bentley worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Along with that is a luxurious car such as BMW, Audi … On November 17, the main wedding was held, but since the afternoon of November 16, a large number of people dragged guests to the hotel to take pictures with this luxury car.
During the ceremony, Lam Chi Linh’s father came to escort her and took her to the venue. Although she did not accept the press interview in the wedding day, she still created the maximum conditions for the area of ​​press and news.

The couple celebrated the wedding with a simple party of just 12 tables with 100 guests. The wedding took place at Tainan City Museum of Art and Changping Hotel from 15:20 to 21:00. In particular, Lam Chi Linh does not accept welcome gifts from guests, but does not prohibit guests from bringing gifts.

Guests attending Lam Chi Linh’s wedding included several MCs, TV actors Truong Tieu Yen, MC Thai Khanh Vinh, close friends Tieu S, Hoang Tu Giao, husband and wife singer Vuong Luc Hoanh.

When Lam Chi Linh publicly registered his marriage with Japanese singer Akira, everyone was so surprised. Because both said before that they were just close friends.

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